Milanofiori is a complex that stands partly in the Assago area and partly in the Town of Rozzano, strategically located at the intersection between Milan's West Ring Road and the Milan-Genoa Motorway, having purely services sector, shopping and industrial use.

Within the complex, in fact, are Buildings and Offices that are in turn the headquarters of major companies, including the holders of the most prestigious national and international brands, both small and medium enterprises, alongside bars and restaurants. There is also a large Hotel within the Centre, forming part of a major hotel chain, along with a Conference Building, a renowned venue for events, exhibitions and conventions.

Over the years, precisely in view of the mass influx, every day, of workers and visitors to the Centre, a Nursery and Pre-School have also been established, aimed mainly at satisfying the family requirements of parents working at Milanofiori or in the neighbouring areas. Particular importance is given to its vicinity to another major shopping centre, with a supermarket, and the recent installation, within the Complex itself, of a Subway Station - Green Line 2.

Although it was devised and designed essentially for work and business promotion, Milanofiori is, nevertheless, a place of unusual beauty from the landscape perspective: Roads and Buildings are, in fact, immersed in and surrounded by park areas, which hedges, flowers of various types, shrubs and tall trees form the backdrop to the workplaces. Milanofiori's park was designed not only for aesthetic purposes but above all to promote and improve the quality of the working and living environment of the users, workers and visitors who come to the Centre every day.




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MILANOFIORI Buildings, park, etc..
MILANOFIORI Buildings, park, etc..
MILANOFIORI Buildings, park, etc..